December 14, 2010

Flame Red Installation

And now the final piece has been powdercoated red. I am happy with the results and I hope it will look good when up at the exhibition.

December 5, 2010

Wall Installations

Components for intstallations are made of 0.55 copper and then water jet cut. this is the scrap...

Cut out pieces

Drilled and bent for installation

Replacing the cardboard cutouts

All done

now for some paint. Yay!!

November 21, 2010

Zu Design Xmas Show

Making Plans

Some plans I have made for my show at Craft ACT. These are both on roughly 6m walls. First image is for the large black installation piece and second one is of shelf pieces with different spray painted colours. They will give me a very rough guide of how to display the work. We will see how that pans out.............

November 15, 2010

Upcoming Exhibitions

-Cherish at Artisan in Brisbane, opening on the 18th of November 2010
-Summer Mode at Art Images in Adelaide, opening on the 3rd December 2010
-Zu Xmas show - information still coming

November 8, 2010

Another wall installation

This is the second wall installation I am making for my show at Craft ACT in Feb next year. Still getting the logistics right for it using card cutouts of the shapes and format for the pieces that will be made in copper. I like the card but its just not practical......

This is set up in my studio but in the show it will be situated in the middle of a 6metre wall. It is hard to visualize but I hope it works.

October 25, 2010

Anti-vibration Gloves

I use my pendant drill a LOT, HEAPS, and sometimes for long periods of time. I do stop and rest my hand etc but sometimes, especially towards deadlines that doesnt happen too much. And there are times when my hand and arm are quite sore the next day.

So recently I went and purchased these new gloves to try. They come as a pair but I only use the right one. They are anti-vibration gloves. They have gel pads in the palms and you can actually get different types that have full gel pads, full fingers, different sizes etc. These particular ones have two gel pads giving a bit more flexibility.

I am not sure if they are helping as yet but I am sure they are doing no harm. Needless to say I still take breaks from using the drill and do other things.

October 13, 2010

Are mushrooms the new plastic

An amazing and inspiring talk about what mushrooms are capable of. Check out this talk from
Eben Bayer on TED

October 12, 2010

Production at the desk

I have quite a bit of work on at the moment. I am not sure of where to start it all....
So i have started with bits. bits here bits there, piles of stuff, lots of components. I hope that they eventually all come together.

some components

the desk layout

the list

the start of some brooches

Another pile of stuff.

I dont have a methodical way of working I realized today. I work on something for a while then I work on something else, then something else, then I look at the list I wrote and work on something else. I am not sure if this is productive or not....
I feel like I worked all day but with little outcome. I guess if I meet the deadlines its not all bad....

September 28, 2010

Wall Installation

This is how I am trying to figure out one of the wall installations going in the show 'Hidden Treasures' at Craft ACT in Feb 2011. I needed a 6m wall and went to a friends studio who had a wall that i could borrow that was just over 5m. I have made the pieces roughly in cardboard.

Then stuck them onto the wall with masking tape and pins. (handy pin up board there)

Went out and bought some spray paint and painted them black. As I am going to make the pieces in copper and oxidise them. There are four different shapes. I am still playing around with them and refining them but I think that its a good start.....

September 16, 2010

Whats up....

So I havent updated my blog for a while....
1. Because I havent been doing anything much exciting, since the teawares exhibition and since I went to Bali on holiday.

Our tour bus....

Coldest beer in town.

Great way to re-use absolute vodka bottles.


2. Because I have been trying to stock up work in galleries and making some work for Cherish at Artisan.

3. Because I am having a show at Craft ACT next year in Feb and am trying to get some inspiration for that. The space is quite large so am quietly stressing out about what to make.

4. Because I am just slack or a slacker.

I recently bought this book online which arrived the other day. It has great images in it and i particularly like the inside covers with the little hand drawn images of certain biological aspects of the fungi.

Anyway so thats where I am at and hopefully to be making some interesting stuff soon.......

July 15, 2010

Cookeina Collection

Some more pieces to add to the 'Cookeina Collection'. Neckpiece with 925 silver and 14ct gold bonded onto silver. This piece was in the JMGA member award show in Perth.

Rings made from silver. One oxidised.

June 12, 2010


Tea Cannisters patinated.

June 9, 2010

Tea Cannisters

At the end of June I am in a group show at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design called Teawares. I decided to make some tea cannisters, which are proving to be quite a challenge to make. I have made them from 65mm copper pipe. Last week i had them food grade tin plated. They plated the whole thing as it was easier for them even though i only wanted the inside done, as i am going to patinate the outside. Unfortunately the plating was unsuccessful so i am trying out some other ideas. Hopefully these will work.

Cannisters so far. They are currently being patinated.

June 6, 2010

Leaf Litter

Here are some more leaf brooches with cookeina fungi that I have recently made which are going to Aspects of Kings Park in WA.

May 11, 2010


Pin I made for the Pin-swap dinner at the JMGA conference in Perth. Its only very small, about 25mm x 30mm, made in sterling silver.