June 12, 2010


Tea Cannisters patinated.

June 9, 2010

Tea Cannisters

At the end of June I am in a group show at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design called Teawares. I decided to make some tea cannisters, which are proving to be quite a challenge to make. I have made them from 65mm copper pipe. Last week i had them food grade tin plated. They plated the whole thing as it was easier for them even though i only wanted the inside done, as i am going to patinate the outside. Unfortunately the plating was unsuccessful so i am trying out some other ideas. Hopefully these will work.

Cannisters so far. They are currently being patinated.

June 6, 2010

Leaf Litter

Here are some more leaf brooches with cookeina fungi that I have recently made which are going to Aspects of Kings Park in WA.