December 17, 2012

Mossy Green Fungi Installation

 Installation at Zu Design with some professional images by Sam Oster.

December 5, 2012

Cabinet at Urban Cow Studios

Images of new work shown at Urban Cow last month. Just some quick snaps. Some professional shots of the new work is on its way and will post them up when they are done.
 In these new works I have used some different materials in the brooches at the bottom of the first image. Acrylic and stuff I found at a hobby shop. I could of gone mad buying stuff there but had to restrain myself.
The other work is inspired by the gills of the mushroom using silver and brass. These were technically difficult and hard to figure out how to make but a few hours, swear words, bandaids and sleep deprivation they were made. Ahhh all in the name of art....