January 29, 2011

More work for Craft ACT

Frames for some brooches. The frames were made by John Quan - great furniture designer. Then I made some hooks out of copper, painted a base coat then spray painted them white. The brooches are similar to some wall pieces that are going in the show as well.

January 28, 2011

Packing my work

Its taken me nearly 2 days to pack my work for the show. Its an art in itself I tell ya......

Some new pieces in the making

So its been a busy year already and have been a bit slack on the posting front. Spent the new year in Perth which was nice for a couple of weeks but am now back and working day and night on my show for Craft ACT.
Below are some new pieces that are still in the making and will hopefully be finished in time for the show. There are 4 brooches and a neckpiece in silver and gold.