September 28, 2010

Wall Installation

This is how I am trying to figure out one of the wall installations going in the show 'Hidden Treasures' at Craft ACT in Feb 2011. I needed a 6m wall and went to a friends studio who had a wall that i could borrow that was just over 5m. I have made the pieces roughly in cardboard.

Then stuck them onto the wall with masking tape and pins. (handy pin up board there)

Went out and bought some spray paint and painted them black. As I am going to make the pieces in copper and oxidise them. There are four different shapes. I am still playing around with them and refining them but I think that its a good start.....

September 16, 2010

Whats up....

So I havent updated my blog for a while....
1. Because I havent been doing anything much exciting, since the teawares exhibition and since I went to Bali on holiday.

Our tour bus....

Coldest beer in town.

Great way to re-use absolute vodka bottles.


2. Because I have been trying to stock up work in galleries and making some work for Cherish at Artisan.

3. Because I am having a show at Craft ACT next year in Feb and am trying to get some inspiration for that. The space is quite large so am quietly stressing out about what to make.

4. Because I am just slack or a slacker.

I recently bought this book online which arrived the other day. It has great images in it and i particularly like the inside covers with the little hand drawn images of certain biological aspects of the fungi.

Anyway so thats where I am at and hopefully to be making some interesting stuff soon.......