October 25, 2010

Anti-vibration Gloves

I use my pendant drill a LOT, HEAPS, and sometimes for long periods of time. I do stop and rest my hand etc but sometimes, especially towards deadlines that doesnt happen too much. And there are times when my hand and arm are quite sore the next day.

So recently I went and purchased these new gloves to try. They come as a pair but I only use the right one. They are anti-vibration gloves. They have gel pads in the palms and you can actually get different types that have full gel pads, full fingers, different sizes etc. These particular ones have two gel pads giving a bit more flexibility.

I am not sure if they are helping as yet but I am sure they are doing no harm. Needless to say I still take breaks from using the drill and do other things.

October 13, 2010

Are mushrooms the new plastic

An amazing and inspiring talk about what mushrooms are capable of. Check out this talk from
Eben Bayer on TED

October 12, 2010

Production at the desk

I have quite a bit of work on at the moment. I am not sure of where to start it all....
So i have started with bits. bits here bits there, piles of stuff, lots of components. I hope that they eventually all come together.

some components

the desk layout

the list

the start of some brooches

Another pile of stuff.

I dont have a methodical way of working I realized today. I work on something for a while then I work on something else, then something else, then I look at the list I wrote and work on something else. I am not sure if this is productive or not....
I feel like I worked all day but with little outcome. I guess if I meet the deadlines its not all bad....