July 24, 2012

Latest Installation Piece

Zu Design are having a show for SALA (South Australian Living Artists) called 'The Grass is Greener' opening on the 3rd August. Normally Zu showcases jewellery but I really wanted to make an installation piece instead and..... so I am.

Unfortunately the walls at Zu are brick so I am going to have to make a false wall to put up. My studio space has brick walls too so what a perfect place to start.

Here we are putting up 3 mdf sheets onto the brick wall in my studio space. Thanks to Huw for helping me.

Figuring out where the pieces will go using cardboard cutouts.

Here the copper pieces which have been blackened are in place.

Now to start mossing the pieces. Using a technique I learnt from the fabulous Tom Moore who uses this in his own works. Different types of fake grass from the model shop layered and stuck on are used to resemble a mossy look.

Installed onto the wall.....